Memories of a Life Well Lived in BC’s Outdoors

I have never professed to be a writer, and only claim to be a fireside story teller. I retired as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic after a humbling 40 year career. Yet, my wonderful wife Christine encouraged me to share my wistful stories & wildlife photos, that others might enjoy…. in a written blog, describing years of outdoor adventure: Traveling the mighty Mackenzie River, exploring Arctic Tundra, camps in Northern BC’s Omineca region, and living the adventures of North Vancouver Island’s coastal and rainforest paradise. My answer was an equally insistent “heck no”… who would be interested in photos and ramblings of well aged relic of the past!

Well the secret to being happily married for almost five decades was learning how to say “yes dear”. Therefore, in the interest of enjoying many more happy years properly wed, I’ve published a few photos & stories for her sake. Some old, some new… Photo stories start around fabulous North Vancouver Island, where my wife Christine, Rosie, and I now call home. Port Hardy, a small multicultural community where Adventure Truly Begins

Have fun viewing & reading!

Site Photos © Gordon and Christine Patterson